Warsaw Welcomes NEETs with SOSUSK: A Leap into Green and Social Entrepreneurship

This July, MOBAD proudly hosted an instrumental Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) as part of the Erasmus Plus Programme’s SOSUSK project. From the 3rd to the 7th of July, the Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw became a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and inspiration for 26 young individuals from across Europe, under MOBAD’s expert guidance.

A Convergence of Cultures and Ideas

The event saw a diverse group of NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) from Greece, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland come together to explore the realms of social and green entrepreneurship. Representing various organizations, including AKEP, BREZA, CCBI, Glocal Factory, SWUNR, ARES’EL, and MOBAD itself, participants engaged in an immersive learning experience designed to equip them with the skills needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

MOBAD’s Role in Fostering Innovation

As the host, MOBAD played a crucial role in organizing an event that was not only educational but also profoundly transformative. The agenda meticulously curated by MOBAD included comprehensive sessions on legal frameworks, business planning, financial management, and sustainable development goals, among other critical topics. These sessions were complemented by interactive activities that fostered networking and cultural exchange, showcasing MOBAD’s commitment to creating a holistic learning environment.

Innovative Learning Through E-Learning Platforms

A key feature of the LTTA was the integration of an e-learning platform, demonstrating MOBAD’s innovative approach to education. This platform allowed participants to delve deeper into the subject matter, ensuring that the learning did not end with the physical event. The Youthpass certificate, awarded to each participant, further underscored the event’s value, marking an important milestone in their professional and personal development journey.

A Legacy of Learning and Connection

The success of the SOSUSK project LTTA in Warsaw is a testament to MOBAD’s dedication to empowering the youth of Europe. Through its efforts, MOBAD has not only facilitated a unique educational experience but also fostered a sense of community among participants from diverse backgrounds. The feedback and outcomes from this event will undoubtedly shape MOBAD’s future initiatives, reinforcing its position as a leader in youth entrepreneurship education.

MOBAD’s Commitment to the Future

As we reflect on the achievements of the SOSUSK project LTTA, MOBAD looks forward to continuing its mission of nurturing young entrepreneurs. The insights gained and the connections made during this event will serve as a foundation for future projects, further amplifying MOBAD’s impact on the European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For more insights into the event’s highlights and to explore the wealth of knowledge shared, we invite our readers to visit the dedicated multimedia documentation. MOBAD remains committed to driving positive change and innovation, and we are excited about the journey ahead.

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