About Us

Mobile Adventure Sp. ZO. O. (MOBAD) was established in 2016 as an enterprise in youth, sport and technology field in Warsaw, Poland

Mobile Adventure

We merge innovation with impact. Rooted in Warsaw since 2016, we’ve championed the fusion of technology with education, sports, and youth empowerment. Our expertise spans from crafting bespoke e-learning solutions to harnessing AI-driven video frameworks.

We’re not just your digital transformation partner; we’re co-navigators in this evolving digital era, dedicated to elevating experiences and forging the future together.

Our Tech-Driven Expertise

E-Learning Specialists: Revolutionizing training processes through bespoke, interactive e-learning platforms, we curate training materials that ensure effective learning.

Innovative App Developers: With prowess in mobile application development, we design engaging games and applications for both iOS and Android, ensuring user-centric experiences.

AI Video Pioneers: Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we produce personalized videos, amplifying audience-specific content swiftly.

Education, Sports & Youth Advocacy

Empowering Youth: Established in 2016 in Warsaw, MOBAD has been ardently organizing youth-centric activities. We promote social integration, 21st-century skills, and entrepreneurship through our multifaceted programs, ranging from sports to workshops.

Inclusion Champions: Our activities are tailored to support individuals facing social, economic, and geographic challenges, emphasizing the integration of immigrants and refugees. Our vast network with educational institutions in Poland helps us broaden our reach.

Our Innovative Ecosystem

Tech Development Team: Possessing a robust team, we work on software programs, mobile applications, and e-learning platforms that yield tangible results.

Collaborative Workspace: Located in CIC Warsaw, our coworking space serves as a convergence point for innovators, entrepreneurs, students, NGOs, and more. We provide an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth, making us a cornerstone of the tech community in Warsaw.

With a blend of technology, sports, and youth-centric activities, MOBAD is more than just a tech company; we are a movement shaping the future.