Project Name: Strengthening the Capacities of VET People of the Psychology Sector Through Digital Platforms
Project Status: Ongoing
Project Reference: 2022-1-BE02-KA210-VET-000082574
Start Date: 01/09/2022
End Date: 30/11/2023


The general aim of the project is to develop the knowledge, skills and professional competencies of experts working in the field of psychology about providing psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers.

The specific objectives are:
-determining needs and digital transition characteristics of the psychological counseling industry and good practices
-creating a network between experts or professionals
-developing digital tools for experts working in the field of psychology with refugee


-An international network of professionals working with refugees in different types of organisations and countries will be established
-Needs analysis template to define the requirements will be prepared
-Self-assessment tools will be cerated
-A Guide for Psychiatry industry professionals and candidates will be developed
-A training and therapy web platform and tools (simple-practical with Chatbot) will be developed for professionals in EU.
-A Learning and Multiplier Event will be organized


With implementing planned activities, in mid and long term it is expected:
– establishing sustainable psychological support services
– digitalized materials for VET people of psychology sector
– an expert network working with refugees and more engaged institutions
– supporting the individuals to reduce the consequences of highly stressful and traumatic experiences
– facilitating the people cope with the stressful integration process and with their own individual trauma and stresses

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